In the news...

LilCrusher hitting the headlines...

So my Dad contacted people called reporters and got very excited when they were talking to him......

Next thing I know is I had someone come round my house to talk to me about the sport I love. I also got taken out of school at lunchtime the next day and a man with a camera came round my house to take pictures of me in my LilCrusherCave..

I then find myself in the newspaper - Thank you Sean at Sutton Guardian for organising it all.

It has since gone a little crazy with phonecalls...

Many people have started to call my mum asking if they can do an article on me..... My Dad keeps saying he is going to contact someone called Jeff on Sky Sports... My mum just rolls her eyes!! :)

Another nice article about me

I love my LilCrusherCave....My Uncle Trev and Granddad Lol Lol (Stilwell Joinery) provided the wood to my Daddy and he drilled 1140 holes into the wood and then was making a lot of noise hammering... It took him a while!!

The next article also mentions the nickname some of my family call me... Spider Girl..

A very nice mention from our Local MP Tom Brake



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