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I have so much fun in my life, so thought I would capture a few things on this page.

February 2017

Having fun in my LilCrusherCave..... Am I reading the route in the first picture or am I a sleeping zombie?!? Thank you Dad for increasing the size of my cave!! I can now climb over and along and around!! Reckon I could move my bed up there!! Sleep climb sleep climb sleep climb!!

Dad done all the hard work, he went to have a cuppa and me and mum broke open the green paint!!! :)

Sunday 29th May 2016

Outside bouldering with my family, me and mum on the rocks, dad on camera (and sedatives) and my brother exploring and finding me more awesome rocks to climb!! If you love climbing, you have to visit Chudleigh!!

Also tested Monkey Fist climbing balm for the first time, my hands were a mess after climbing but using this balm really helped!! I give this product two big thumbs up, especially as it came with a super cool sticker and I LOVE stickers!!

There were soooooo many cracks, awesome boulders and top rope routes to try!

Thats my brother to the left  :)

Sunday 8th May 2016

Outside boulder climbing with my mummy at Stone Farm, saw my White Spider squaddie mate Louis there... My brother was watching Captain America Civil War (he said it was totally awesome)... I'd rather be climbing ...... So much fun today!!


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