My session with Leah Crane

Me and Leah

My session with Leah

I had such a great session with Leah Crane, she taught me so much and really worked on my foot positioning, silent feet and dynamic movement. Leah also taught me that it is ok to be scared of a move and to talk through it with my coaches or my mum and also told me to always give 100% with every climb. The session was brilliant!

Message from my Dad...... What a superstar Leah is and what a lovely lady too!! My daughter was beaming throughout the session and everything she worked on with Lucy really helped and enabled her to do moves, she was finding tricky at the start of the day!!

It was really nice to learn with Leah and really good that we made up routes for each other that we both had to climb. Leah is an awesome climber and made me think more about what my whole body is doing while I am climbing and how making small adjustments to my body or feet, gave me a longer reach or a firmer platform for my next move.

Seeing Leah climb up close was unreal and she is a beautiful climber. She also gave me great tips and gave me homework (it was climbing homework so thats ok) to go away and do! I also had to get her to sign my tee shirt, that is going up in my climbing Lucy Cave!! :)

There are some videos below from my session...... Hope you enjoy them!! :)

I love the fact the video to the right was filmed by Leah as part of our session :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Have I mentioned the film to the left was filmed by Leah ;)

This is me and Leah climbing a route I had made up for our training session!!

So excited my first ever route I set was climbed by Leah!

I am after your job Yann and Evie ;)


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