It's all about fun

It's all about fun

The best thing about climbing is that I love it! Doesn't matter if it is a chair, a table, my loft, a wall, a door frame... I just want to climb!!

It is not just a wall that can be climbed

I am forever climbing.... Walls, round chairs, round tables, door frames, trees and even my Uncle Trev!!

At the White Spider birthday party, I got to chair traverse and table traverse (video below) and jump off the leap of faith!!! 

You Tube channel

My climb off climb at Ratho

This was a tricky 7b that was being used by Group D climbers

A fun boulder problem

A boulder problem at Westway, really liked this competition!

Training Training Training

This was at the end of a tough but fun training session at Surrey Summit

Thanks Dad for creating my You Tube channel, please visit to see the videos of what I love to do, there are some below, if you like what you see, please see the full channel.

My Coaches

I have the best coaches in the world, just want to say a massive thank you!!!

Be, Wayne, Yann and Matt VC are legends in my eyes and I cant wait till my training sessions with them!

Belinda Fuller (Be)


Be first met me when I was 7 and she invited me into her squad, it was the best day of my life!!

Wayne Clark


Wayne makes every session super fun! Also calls me Super Wessel Spider Pig!




  Tel: 07736 460 468 (Dads)

Matt Varela-Christie


Matt VC makes sure his sessions are so much fun!!!

Yann Genoux


Yann has taught me a figure of 4, hand jam, toe and heel hooks and dynos!

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