I made GB Development Squad!!!

I made the squad!!! I am super excited!!!

I made the GB Team Development Squad!!! :) :) :) 

Have I said that??

After an emotional rollercoaster of a day qualifying for Team GB development team, the evening had come to find out if I got into the sqaud. With my dad filming, I was hoping this was a good sign, as surely he wasnt filming to be mean........ but as you can see it was very exciting to see it in black and white.... THAT I HAD MADE THE SQUAD FOR 2019!!!!!!!!!



So back to the qualifying day.....


It started off really well, got second highest on the first lead climb and then disaster struck, nerves crept in and I fell off really low down on the second lead climb...... I was devastated and thought that was it. My mum and Coach Be had a little cuddle and chat with me and then I was just sooooo determine to show what I was made of and my complete focus was on the boulder and speed elements left. As you will see from the picture below left, really happy with my boulder climbs and to come first in the boulder element. It was now down to the speed part!! This is an area I am getting better at but as you will see from the picture bottom right, I managed to pray to the speed climbing gods and flew up the wall to finish first in the speed climbing!! Such an emotional, fun, draining day and everything I had dreamed the day to be!! Awesome climbs, awesome kids, awesome coaches!! Picture below also shows the overall outcomes of the day!! I slept that night with a big smile on my face knowing I could have done no more!!

So its now onto the training days.......


  Tel: 07736 460 468 (Dads)

Super excited to get my first Team GB email and look...... calls me a Squad Member!! :)


Really cant wait to train with my friends (the awesome squaddies) that make up the squad!! We have such a strong squad!!!


Message from Mum:


I get to travel up and down the Country and abroad with Lucy to support her love of climbing. The qualifying day was proper intense, but how proud of her am I, as not many 11 year olds could come back after her early fall and have the fight, focus and strength to come back and win the speed and boulder sections of the day, to end up making the squad. She is such a kind, thoughtful little girl and I could burst with pride at seeing her achieve one of her goals in making the squad!! I have a feeling 2019 is gonna be a fantastic year ahead!!

Message from Dad:


It was such a special moment for my little lucy. Everyone gets to see her compete as the little beast she is, but we get to see the hard work, dedication, up and downs, highs and lows behind the scenes and it is easy to forget Lucy is only 11. What a year it has been for her, moving up into High School, seeing her flourish and making new friends and making the girls school football team but her number one goal throughout this year has been to make the squad. Well done my little gorgeous Mousey! #superprouddad #hardworkstartsnow

Message from Coach Be:


I first met this monkey when she was 7 years old. To say i'm proud of her achieving her goal of GB development team is an understatement. To pull it out of the bag and win the bouldering and speed aspect of the selection competition after a devestating low fall on the second lead route was a credit to her. This kind of mistake can knock the best of athletes but she pulled herself together and went out with a mission to crush. I can't wait to see what you goes on to achieve Luce!


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