Competitions 2016/17

Competitions 2016/17

Youth Boulder Competition 2016

A big thank you to my mum for taking me to this awesome competition. I had very fond memories of this compeition and had to go back this year to defend my title.

I had a little slip in the qualifying rounds, but came back fighting on all other climbs to make it through to the finals! :) Leah Crane was watching in the crowd and Liam Lonsdale had the microphone again..... I never see him without one in his hand!! ;)

The final was awesome (with a lot of people watching) and the atmosphere was amazing! The climbs were very technical and tough, but I managed to top all three climbs on my first try and was very chuffed to have won! :)

Hope you enjoy watching the climbs!! Also check out the superstarbrusher we had!!

I love love love love my trophy..... My Dad couldnt belive how big it was!!

That's my mate Ella to the right and thats her Dad totally photo bombing us!!

Blokfest 2016/17

I love Blokfest, thank you Mile End, Boulder Brighton, Chimera, Westway and Castle; for each creating 25 challenging and fun problems.

It was nice to poduim, won a few of the events and came second overall!! :)

Came 4th and missed out on poduim by one point and only missed out on top place by 4 points, so such a close competition, but great to see all my friends again!!

BMC YCS Ratho 2016

Back at Ratho for the third year running!! :)


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