Competitions 2016

Competitions 2016


I absolutely love to climb, but equally love to compete! I love the friends I have made at the events up and down the Country and I love the challenges the route setters put before me!!

I have had a fantatsic year of competing and a big thank you to my Mummy and Daddy for driving (and sometime flying) me around the UK to compete. I was in Youth E Female Champion for Blokfest and BMC YCS. Check out my cool Youtube channel (thanks Dad) for videos of the climbs: LilCrusherLucy You Tube channel

Young Guns Comp (7-11 category) - The Castle - 02/06/2016

A great bouldering competition with some crazy fun routes! A really tough field of competitors and was super chuffed to win! :) Love the pictures taken on the day, them guys with the cameras get everywhere!!

Blokfest 2015/16

I loved the Blokfest competitions, thank you Westway, Boulder Brighton, Mile End, Bristol and Castle; for each creating 25 challenging and fun problems.

A big thank you to my mum for travelling round with me and she said the event at the Castle showcased some LilCrusher magic on this very tough boulder...

Scores from the rounds

Westway - 141 pts (3rd)

BoulderBrighton - 140 pts (1st)

Mile End - 170 pts (2nd)

Bristol - 140 pts (3rd)

Castle - 187 pts (1st)

Blokfest 2016

I really enjoyed the Blokfest competitions, each Climbing Centre were friendly, the routes were amazing and have made some friends for life! Hello Alice

BMC YCS Ratho 2016

Edinburgh International Climbing Arena is amazing.... You have to visit there!!

They hosted the BMC YCS final where 353 of the best young climbers in Great Britain, battle it out in their age groups. I took part in Youth Female E Group and was proud to also represent London and South East. I came 4th in 2015 and came back in 2016 and was crowned the Best Under 10 climber in Great Britain. Was nice to get a little mention from BMC about my final climb off about my final climb off!

I had to compete in 3 qualifying rounds which took place in Surrey Summit, Craggy (Guildford), and on my home patch White Spider in Tolworth. Hannah and I enjoyed a climb off in each round and have become climbing buddies for life!

BMC YCS Ratho 2016

The Edinburgh Centre is AMAZING!!!!! This event was out of this world and I loved climbing with my friends who are equally amazing!

My local newspaper picked up on my success (thank you Dad) and done a very nice article on me. As all climbers would do, lets not worry about nails and hair for the photographer, I got changed into my climbing gear and started to climb:


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