Competitions 2017

Competitions 2017

Scottish Youth Championship 2017

Back to Ratho again, but this time competing in the Scottish Youth Championships for the first time! :)

I love this climbing centre and this top rope competition was awesome!!

I qualified for the final in first place, which was great, but did mean I had to hang around in Isolation for 40 minutes before I could climb in the final! It was well worth it as I won the title!! :)

Isolation was alot of fun!!

Told you I was hanging around!! :)

There was a seperate speed climbing competition and was well chuffed as I came third..... Just a bit of an improvement from my speed climbing in Arco!! :)

A nice write up of the competition

Youth Boulder Cup 2017


  Tel: 07736 460 468 (Dads)

What a day and what a competition  and another poduim!! Went through to the final ranked one, but just missed out on top spot this time.... Well done Lily!!

Again such a lucky girl to get to climb with all my climbing buddies... Also thanks mum for again driving me around!! :)

Hope you enjoy my final climbs!! :)



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