Competitions abroad

Going international...

Imst - Austria 2017

My first competition outside of the UK

My first competition experience was amazing! First time I had to deal with the different weather conditions, as one day it was hot and sunny and the next day it was raining...... But it was all worth it as had a fantastic climbling experience and came 1st of kids aged the same year as me and 11th overall against some of the best young climbers in Europe. Hope you enjoy my videos!!

Arco - Verona 2017

This competition was amazing & my first taste of speed climbing in a comp

Arco was such a great competition and got to meet sooo many climbers that I watch online!!!!!!!!!! Again this was against many of the same top young climbers that were in Imst and managed again to come 11th overall out of 44 climbers and again came 1st from the climbers the same age as me. Was such a great experience and had to deal with climbing in temperatures of around 100 degrees!! Hope you enjoy my videos of bouldering, top rope and speed!


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