A few words about me...


I am Lucy, 11 years old and climb out of White Spider in Tolworth with many fantastic coaches and this is one of my favourite pictures of me, with my Coach Be.


With the support of my coaches and fellow White Spider climbers, I have found a sport and place where I love and they push me each climbing session; I would climb every minute of the day if I was allowed!

A massive thank you to ScarpaUK, for believing in me enough to provide me support. I absolute love the different new shoes they provide, so comfortable and brilliant to climb in! :)

A bit more about my likes..

White Spider Climbing Centre

I love this place, it has taught me everything about climbing and look forward to my training sessions on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.


My brother Jack

I love my brother Jack, he is the best big brother, we have soooo much fun together!

Red Spider Climbing Centre

This is my second favourite climbing place (well along with my loft...Thanks Daddy). I dont get there much, but have great fun when I do...


I want to say a big thank you to Maureen and Ron (www.randmisolutions.com) for kindly sponsoring me :)



I am one lucky girl....

My dad has turned my loft into my own climbing room and has also placed climbing holds up the stairs and also put up a beastmaker and handmade peg board (thanks Uncle Trev) above the doors in our hallway.

I get to play, dangle and climb around my house and love having friends round to play!

My mum travels everywhere with me and also got me into climbing!! #bestmumever

Thats my brother in the orange jumper behind me, he often gets dragged around the UK when I go climbing, but I do watch him play football, so that makes us even! :)

I also want to say a big thank you to my Nanny Joan, or as we know her... Crazy Nanny as she is sooo much fun! She takes me to climbing each Thursday and I love my time with her too!

Suppose I should mention my Daddy, he's not much of a climber, but he is my Number One fan!!

Hope you enjoy my site! :)


  Tel: 07736 460 468 (Dads)

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